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Nov 2015 Held a workshop for startup-thinkers and students on the topic of Design Thinking for Startups, at HAUSKAFE (popup-cafe located in Lasipalatsi area of Helsinki). The workshop was a success, with several attendants who had no earlier experience with design. Very exciting..!
May 2015 Hired by SC5 Online Ltd, located in Helsinki, as a Service Designer. SC5, as a former development house, grows its design know-how and offering for its existing and future clients, thus becoming part of a rather novel environment for the company.
Oct 2014 Got accepted to work for Airbus Operations Ltd (leading aircraft manufacturer) for an intensive 6 month period (until March 2015) under Corporate Innovation as an Industrial and Strategic Designer. Contact me for more information if needed.
Mar 2014 Conducted trial project at FABRICA, Benetton's Design Research Centre in Treviso, Italy. The studio at a later point in time shuts down, which also discontinued the process of joining for a longer period of time. Possibilities for further collaboration with the studio director in the future are under negotiation. More info for the trial project available in the portfolio.
Aug 2013 Upon a succesful first year of MA studies, full time employment during the summer as a Research Assistant ended with a very succesful exhibition of AEREA-brand. More info available in the portfolio.
Aug 2012 Registration and initiation of Master studies (Master's in Industrial and Strategic Design) at Aalto University in the Department of Design in the School of Arts, Design and Architecture.
Jun 2012 Graduation from North Karelia University of Applied Sciences on the 18th of June 2012. Final GPA: 4,2/5. Dissertation grading: 5/5.
May 2012 Public presentation, defense and delivery of dissertation. Title of dissertation: "Development of Service Quality Rating Through Design Thinking and Innovation Metrics".
Mar 2012 Seminar: 'Service Design: The revolution of the service field'. A successful seminar with the participation of almost 50 individuals in Joensuu, Finland at the Centre for Design and International Business at North Karelia University of Applied Sciences. I operated as the exclusive originator of the seminar's theme and context. Supported by the AKI Living Lab-project and broadcasted also online. Soon recorded footage available.
Nov 2011 Dissertation subject approved and official initiation of final project.
May 2011 Launch of new and updated website to the public.
Mar 2010 Participation to the festive ending ceremony of the MONNI-scheme (provider of my title as an innovation consultant).
Feb 2011 New assignment given to facilitate the developmnent of a new product line funded by D'ART Design Research Center.
Dec 2010 Official launch of
Nov 2010 Received a TOP 40 qualification by North Karelia University of Applied Sciences for my activity as a student. Thank you!

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