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Here you will find in chronological order Media material as well as press releases for my work in various projects. Keep checking this space for updates.

Press Release: Article on CHEMARTS project and AEREA brand from Summer 2013. Only in Finnish. Read here.
Publication: AEREA - A Peak Into The Future (2013, CHEMARTS)
A summary of futuristic applications in smart cellulose-based textiles utilizing nanotechnology. The publication includes a strategy on how the brand - AEREA - was to be displayed and marketed within the industry and the public. Copies were given to stakeholders of the Finnish forest industry and is a part of the 'World of Cellulose'-project 2013-15.
Video clip: Future Applications (A peak to the future). Clip demonstrating part of results of CHEMARTS project in Summer 2013.

AEREA on Vimeo.

Video clip: PUU Sirkus. A summary of Design Strategy and Innovation module project, in collaboration with VTT (Technical Research Institute of Finland).

PUU Sirkus on Vimeo.

Publication: Public Transportation and Service Systems Project (2012, Aalto University)
Four design concept studies developed by Master students of Aalto University, striving for better public transportation in Helsinki 2030.
Video clip: Move|Me Platform. Use case of Marcus on how to use the Move|Me Platform, designed in collaboration with HSL (Helsinki Region Transportation).

Move|Me platform on Vimeo.

Publication: Oivallusopas Innovaatiomatkalle (2011, NKUAS - in Finnish)
A written guide on innovation and how it was depicted during a 4-year project under the name of MONNI, involving students and the industry to develop design and business concepts. Publication co-authored with 10 more experts on the field of design and business.
Video clip: Scan'n'Go. Animation summarizing results of Produce Service Systems project in collaboration with Aalborg Library - Denmark.

SCANnGO on Vimeo.

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